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and unethical. but the groups did not lose their tax exempt status. the founder of focus of the family, james dobson, said he also faced discrimination when he sought tax exempt status for a new ministry. his request was also eventually granted. >>> a breakthrough in cloning human embryos is raising new ethical concerns. employing the same technique used to clone animals, scientists at oregon health and science university for the first time were able to remove stem cells from a cloned human embryo. those cells could be used to treat certain diseases. boston cardinal sean o'malley, the head of the u.s. conference of catholic bishop's pro-life committee, was critical of the research, saying it treated human beings as "products." >>> minnesota has joined the growing number of states that recognize same-sex marriage. it is the third state to do so in the past month, following rhode island and delaware. same-sex marriage is now legal in 12 states and the disict of columbia. >>> next week in dallas, the national council of the boy scouts of america, with about 1,400 voting members, will decide on w
has health care reform. he would have immigration reform. he's done his tax reform. and maybe he could go for another kind of entitlement reform. but they're hoping here that that if he does immigration, that would break the narrative that he is entrenched in this sort of swirl of ineptitude and controversy and put him on a solid footing again. we just had a report from the congressional budget office that the deficit is shrinking-- growing less rammedly. so better news. so maybe sunnier days on the horizon is their hope. >> rose: explain to me, as all these controversies, as you say, al, not scandals, controversies swirl, where are they in terms of the white house and the congress on the budget and what are the expectations for some kind of grand bargain and how are they going to deal with the sequestration and the debt ceiling? >> i think they're somewhere between slim and absolutely none. i think there's no movement. i think the republicans will capitulate on the debt. but i don't think we'll have any kind of a deal, and as jessica said a moment ago, the fact that the deficit is com
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2